Monthly Archives: February 2018


To bring all of us some much-needed respite and an opportunity to experience self-care during this dreary winter, we will have two speakers for our February Women’s Empowerment Group.

Michele Bairstow is the owner of MLB Natural Healing Spa in Green Lane, PA.

She will be demonstrating a non-invasive facelift technique, The A Lift.    She purchased The A Lift Machine in 2016.  It is FDA approved and uses a sonic Medical Nano/Micro current to reduce facial fine lines, wrinkles, fluid, eye bags, and dark circles.  This current is applied to the face through circular massage movements which naturally increase the speed at which the skin produces its own connective tissue fibers, elastin, and collagen.

The 46 minute treatment is pain free and very relaxing.  Immediate-radiant results will be noticed with the first phase.  There are three phases: Lymphatic Drain, Lifting, and Cellular Regeneration.  Recommended treatment frequency is one time weekly for six weeks followed by one time monthly.  Recipients of The A Lift notice a glow and age reducing appearance to their skin.

Michele can be contacted at 215-813-7127.

Our second speaker will be Diane Alex of Cloud Hands Reflexology in Ottsville, PA.

Diane graduated from Lehigh Valley Arts Academy and received her facial reflexology training from the Lone Sorenson School.  She has been a Reflexology practitioner for eighteen years.  Diane will demonstrate  foot and facial reflexology and also offer mini sessions.

Reflexology, foot massage, is a holistic healing modality. There are foot, face, and hand reflexology points that correspond to the organs, glands, nervous and circulatory systems of the body.    Reflexology releases blocked energy and brings the body back into a state of balance and well-being.  Deeply relaxing, reflexology can be effective for reducing stress, boosting the immune system, neck and back pain, sinus problems and so much more.

Diane can be contacted at 610-306-2063.

We invite women of all ages and backgrounds to join us for this evening program.

PLACE:  Serendipity Meadows

2175 Angstadt Rd.

Quakertown, PA 18951

TIME:      7 to 9 PM

COST:     $5.00 per person

CONTACT:   Deb Pietruszka for more information and to register at 484-632-9300 or email at