ANIMAL COMMUNICATIONS—SO MUCH CHATTER  presented by Nancy Heath, Animal Communicator

SEPTMEBER 24, 2018       7 to 9 PM     COST: $5.00 per person

Nancy who is also a registered nurse, has been able to communicate with animals since she was a young girl.  At that time, she kept her talent primarily a secret from others and did so into adulthood.  She continued with her professional career and raising her family of four children.  After becoming widowed suddenly in 2009, she found much comfort in spending time with her beloved animals and rediscovered the comfort and wisdom they shared.  She moved to a small farm outside of Quakertown, PA with other family members where she especially enjoys her cats and horses as well as the other animals residing there.

Nancy enrolled in an animal communication course with Anita Curtis and was able to enhance her skills.  She is passionate about reaching out to animals and their “persons” to solve problems through the use of her communiction skills.

Nancy will share with group attendees the following:

– what is animal communication?

– successes and challenges with animal communication

— communication with pets who have passed over

She will also briefly answer questions from attendees.

Contact information for Nancy Heath:  Sleepy Hollow Acres; 610-310-1731

Contact Deb Pietruszka to register and for further information at 484-632-9300.