Debbie has worked over thirty-six years in areas of psychiatry, geritatrics, rehabilitation, and hospice. Almost forty years ago, she entered into the study and subsequent certification of holistic therapies, as a result of personal healing in her own life. She discovered how well traditional medicine and holistic medicine blends to provide optimal treatment for patients and clients.

She has also studied Healing Touch for Animals, Integrated Energy Techniques and Neurolinguistic Programming, along with expanding her skills into Medical Intuition which enables her to tap into the energetic functioning of clients at all levels (physical, emotional, and mental). Debbie is a facilitator for her clients achieving optimal health and serves as a partner in their respective journeys. She successfully treats clients of all ages from children through adults.

OTR/L (Occupational Therapist Licensed and Registered); HTCP (Healing Touch Certified Practitioner); C.Ht. (Certified Hypnotherapist); CCA (Certified Clinical Aromatherapist)



Jim is passionate about relating more intuitively with animals and their needs in order to promote optimal health and well being.”   Consequently his training in Healing Touch for Animals led him into becoming trained in animal telepathy communication.
As an animal telepathic communicator, he connects with the thoughts, images and emotions of the animal. This in turn provides a more comprehensive connection with our animal clients and their humans.
Here at Serendipity Meadows, Jim is now solely focusing on his work with the animals .  He can also work at a distance.


About Serendipity Meadows:

Serendipity Meadows is a Healing Arts Center in Quakertown, PA (upper Bucks County). Since 1997, the 10-acre property, with its log home, with a pond, meditation and herb gardens, pergola, Native American medicine wheel, and campfire area has served as an oasis for clients of all ages, as well as a venue for educational events and special occasions.

Serendipity Meadows is home to the private practices of Debbie and James Pietruszka, who offer services including Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Aromatherapy, Bio-Energy Treatment, and Readings (Past Life, Medical Intuition, Animal Energy).

Together, they live and promote Serendipity Meadows’ Vision and Mission Statement:

  • Provide participants with holistic education in the artistic, health, and spiritual realms
  • Provide opportunities to connect with like-minded people
  • Provide respite from a harried lifestyle
  • Further embrace the sharing of positive loving energy throughout the world
  • Provide a setting for educational opportunities