Integrative Healing combines traditional and holistic therapies in a complementary way to promote healing and well-being for people and animals and it is customized to the individual person and animal.

At Serendipity Meadows, we offer the following Integrative Healing services:

  • Bio-Energy: Establish a true balance of your body’s energy frequencies for a happier, calmer, and more enjoyable lifestyle. Read more
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP): Achieve your goals for a happy, prosperous life with improved self-understanding, communication, and behavior. Read more
  • Aromatherapy: A therapy utilizing essential oils that resonate with the human body to deliver deep relaxation and stress relief. Read more
  • Healing Touch for Animals: Enhance the physical healing and emotional stability of your animals with bio-energy techniques that promote optimal physical and behavioral functioning. Read more

Integrative Healing Benefits

  • Safe & Natural
  • Non-invasive
  • Improved Self-Knowledge
  • Better Communication
  • Removal of Limiting Fears
  • Effective for People & Animals

Many people who turn to Integrative Healing have tried different treatments for their health issues, yet continue to experience significant problems. With Integrative Healing, we do a thorough assessment and intuitively blend various natural modalities to improve your health. We are client-centered, and partner with our clients so that they are involved with their own unique, individualized treatment.