Quantum physicists repeatedly tell us that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Debbie Pietruszka knows that only too well with her 25+ years of studying and using energy healing in her private practice. The more she understands and works with it to bring healing, peace, and harmony to her clients, the more she also identifies how the environments they live and work in impact
their lives.

The human body is created as a giant antenna having the ability to encounter and absorb energy from its surroundings. The environmental energy may range from harmonious to chaotic. Consequently, a person’s moods, health, comfort level, and feelings of safety may vary. People adapt to their environmental energy, although not always in a positive way.

For example, when the COVID pandemic created a FULL STOP to the lives we had once known, people were literally stuck for days and months on end in their living space. As time progressed, some people adapted while others experienced anxiety, depression, discomfort with socialization in person and a generalized disconnection with community.

Imagine what the energy in the living and working space absorbs with this lifestyle disruption. Even currently, there are people who have not resumed their previous desire to “get out and about.”

Benefits of energetic space clearing:

Releases stuck, negative energy
Brings in higher vibrational energy frequency and bathes inhabitants in this
Clients notice improved health, sleep, moods, comfort, happiness, success, creativity, and abundance

For the past 15 years, Debbie has offered her clients energetic space clearing for apartments, homes, properties, home offices, and businesses. She performed these energetic space clearings on site and brought peace and contentment to those clients. Recently, she fine tuned her space clearing abilities to be done not only on site, but also at a distance either by phone or Zoom.

Sessions: 60 minutes $100
90 minutes $150