From this Oneness, Psychic Readings

Debbie is highly trained in reading energy both in the presence of someone requesting a reading as well as someone at a distance in telephone sessions and Zoom sessions.

Are much like reading the pages of a book, she sees images, words, and patterns connected with her clients, which when better understood remove blockages and limitations as well as identify strengths.

These psychic readings speak to the very core of whatever the issues are at physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Her clients receive another perspective in which they can find options and opportunities for improved outcomes and success. Debbie is highly trained in reading energy both in the presence of someone requesting a reading as well as someone at a distance in telephone and Zoom sessions.


  • Gain insights into challenges, strengths, and blockages at physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels
  • Understand patterns which occur
  • Access through you higher wisdom and cellular memory options to move forward in life

Relying on her vast experiences as a therapist in connecting with clients, Debbie offers different areas of energetic readings as follows:

MEDICAL INTUITION READINGS: These readings focus on the seed thought of an issue at the quantum energy level. In today’s world, quantum physicists are performing studies and experiments of energy practitioners and have found some interesting connections. They have identified an energetic connection among all creation on this planet Earth. Therefore, her capability of ”tuning into” this, whether the client is a human or animal is advantageous.

Debbie is not licensed to diagnose as a physician. She is able through her medical intuition training to assess the energetic flow through the body and various organ systems. Consequently, she then reads the energetic functional level of each system. With this information, she is able to do treatment with bio-energy to open and balance the energy flow. If needed, she will recommend the need for a particular specialist to address possible issues for her clients. Her medical intuition readings also provide possible answers and validation to what her clients have been sensing.

PAST LIFE READINGS: These readings combine Debbie’s experience with past life regression in hypnosis as well as her capabilities of reading the energetic flow in and around a person . Another premise of quantum physics is that energy is neither created nor destroyed. For those people who have a belief in past lives {as does 60% of the world’s population} or are at least open to the concept, she is able tap into their past lives. She provides information regarding how many lives; how many as female and male; those lives in which there were particular injuries or issues which may be a pattern of blockages; and past relationships shared with those people they know currently. This information, when viewed in a karmic sense, can be beneficial for providing a different perspective to the client. With this additional information at a deeper level of understanding, the client has potential to move through life issues with greater ease. Debbie then uses the information received from the past life readings in combination with the other areas of her expertise to release these limitations and empower her clients to achieve their desired outcomes.

FUTURE LIFE READINGS: Expand your perspective.  Allow a brain shift where awareness of your personal interaction not only occurs in your past lives and your current life but also into the future where you glimpse into potentials that await you in future lives!  Feed your curiosity with imagination and possibilities of what additional lives may hold.

BUSINESS ENERGETIC DYNAMICS READINGS: Over the years, Deb has increasingly provided treatment for business owners in her clientele. They initially see her for stress management to cope with business relationships and issues. These clients find their businesses have become challenging at multiple levels which subsequently leads them into feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and indecisive regarding how to move forward.

Deb uses a three-pronged approach with these readings. She weaves her intuition with her knowledge of interpersonal dynamics and her skill of reading the situation as well as each of the major individuals involved.

Key points she identifies energetically are as follows: the level of resonance [harmony] between the client and others he or she is inquiring about; any past life or karmic connections; and the energetic flow in each of the people involved at especially emotional and mental levels.

She is also able to read energy regarding any situation in the future and provide the energetic percentage of potential for something occurring along with the time frame. This aspect of the readings has proven to be extremely beneficial in providing her clients with insight and knowledge regarding what is occurring “behind the scenes.”

Clients requesting these readings usually prefer private sessions with Deb, either in person, by phone or on Zoom.

ANIMAL ENERGY READINGS: Jim and Debbie Pietruszka are both Healing Touch for Animal Practitioners. Jim is gifted with connecting with the animals emotionally and in communication while Debbie specializes with energetically connecting at a physical level to evaluate the energetic flow in animals. They do treatments both in person and long distance {through telephone sessions}. They also work in tandem with the pet owner to provide individualized recommendations for the pet’s optimal welfare.

60 Minutes: $90



On January 19, 2016 Debbie saved my life. Serendipity [The phenomenon of finding valuable things] Meadows is The Best of The Best! I was a lost Soul. I was so lost – My Body and Soul caused a serious psychosomatic illness due to the build up of bad emotions. Debbie saved me! She showed me – This was a Body and Soul Wake Up Call. This was a Sign and a Warning from “God, My Guardian Angels and Guides.” I love Debbie! Debbie is The Best of The Best! Love and Kindness.

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