Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) is a holistic, energy-based healing modality for animals. Debbie and Jim are HTA practitioners who have trained with Carol Komitor and Komitor Healing Method, Inc. Their training includes both the canine and equine classes at Levels 1 through 4, as well as Advanced Proficiency.

Debbie and Jim’s animal “clients” range from a small pet fish up to quarter horses and racehorses, with various animals in between. HTA is used effectively with all pets, livestock, and farm animals as an effective way to assist them with recovery from illness or injury, emotional or behavioral issues, pain management, and more.

Healing Touch for Animals Benefits

  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Disease Prevention
  • Enhanced Healing Post-Surgery/Injury/Illness
  • Pain Control
  • Better Connection
  • Help with Behavioral/Emotional Issues

HTA practitioners do not make medical diagnoses, prescribe medication, or perform surgeries; medical care for animals should always be administered by a licensed veterinary or medical practitioner. What HTA will do is complement traditional medicine and enhance the healing process.

Through the use of bio-field energy therapies, animals receiving HTA are able to experience a deeper state of relaxation and well-being in their bodies. This helps them on the physical, mental, and emotional levels, so animals are able to function better in their bodies, heal from anxiety, stress, or behavioral issues brought on by trauma, and experience the sense of safety, wellness, and ease needed to be happy and connected to the humans and other animals in their lives.

HTA can be done in person, or long distance. Debbie and Jim have worked primarily with horses, cats, dogs, and birds, but have also worked with various small and large animals, and are trained to work with all animals. As part of their sessions, they teach pet owners to follow through on simple techniques to enhance the well-being of their pets.

Debbie and Jim also offer FREE demonstrations on the use of essential oils to promote your pet’s health and comfort. This offer is limited to local areas around Quakertown, PA.


“Debbie Pietruszka has remarkable gifts and skills and has helped to improve my energy level and quality of life. I particularly enjoy the essential oils she uses during the healing sessions they are very emotionally uplifting and calming to me. I also appreciate the fact that she can work with me at a distance. She is able to tune in to me and do the work I need at the time. Thank you, Debbie, for all you do and not just for me personally but for our animals as well.”

Linda Lucas, Virginia Beach, VA