I consider myself an avid lover of mysteries, whether in books and movies, on TV or in my daily life.  This carries over with my clients when I help them to figure out the mysteries their bodies and lives hold.  Some of my favorite clients who I have successfully helped are those who experience chronic physical issues which also significantly impact them emotionally and mentally.  Consequently, their quality of life is always challenged.

I recently treated a female client with those issues.  She currently is at a stage in her life where she desires to travel, spend time with friends, garden, try new hobbies, and walk, but has been unable to do so because of her multiple health issues.  Even her sleep is compromised by being interrupted and minimal.  She awakens to that overwhelming feeling of being exhausted despite being in bed for more than eight hours.

She contacted me for help with achieving a better balance and enjoyment in her life.  After listening to her concerns regarding her health issues and to her intentions for a better life, I provided her with an individualized treatment specifically targeting her needs.

The treatment blended multiple aspects of my training including Medical Intuition, Esoteric Healing, Healing Touch, Guided Imagery, and Positive Affirmations. As the session progressed, I frequently checked in with her as to what changes she was noticing in her body. As needed, I varied the techniques.  I instructed her in balancing techniques for her mind and body to use in a daily regimen for self care.  By directly involving her in her own self care, she is empowered to move into a life of health and vitality.

A few days later, I received an email from her and she shared her profound gratitude for the improvement she noticed.  She reported sleeping more soundly than she had in months and experiencing an increase in her vitality.

If any of you reading this are familiar with her experiences and desires to improve her life, and are curious about how I can help you to deal with similar health issues, please contact me.  I treat male and female clients of all ages with various chronic health concerns.  Sessions can be done in person, on the phone and via Zoom.

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