Connect to your Best Self

November 10, 2018  1:00 to 7:00 PM

This retreat is presented  by Debbie Pietruszka, Ellen Zuby, and Deb Zobel.  We are referred to collectively as The Amethyst Girls because we all celebrate our birthdays in February.  We also have in common our sincere desire to be actively involved in women’s empowerment.

Deb Pietruszka is trained in traditional and complementary medicine as a therapist for 35 years; Ellen Zuby is an elder in the community who studies women’s empowerment and personal growth; and Deb Zobel is a holistic lifestyle advocate, practitioner and yoga teacher.

In this fast paced and demanding world, we women often minimize and are even unaware of our talents and strengths.  Perhaps we have downplayed them or forgotten to honor them because we have been too caught up in our  never-ending responsibilities.  We decided to host a retreat for  women who deserve a brief respite to reconnect with their core through a harmonious blend of experiences, reflection and sharing with other like-minded women.

Cost:  $75.00 per person.  Snacks and dinner will be provided.  Registration deadline is November 8, 2018.

Online registration and payment can be made through the Facebook page for The Amethyst Girls under the event.  Click Here to Signup.

For those of you with any questions or who desire to pay by check, please contact Debbie Pietruszka at 484-632-9300.