Ellen Zuby and Deb Pietruszka will present on a topic that has been requested by attendees at their previous DREAM classes.

Sunday,  April 7, 2019   1:30pm to 3:30pm    COST: $15.00 per person.

Do you have frightening dreams or nightmares that suddenly awaken you out of a sound sleep?  What about those recurring dreams that may frequently occur?  Or how about those psychic dreams which seem to foretell the future, whether with good news or bad?  Or have you ever seemed to have a visitation dream where someone close to you, a family member or friend, appears and the dream seems so real?  All of these different challenging dreams bring some forms of messages to you.  Some of the messages can be very heartwarming, while others may seem terrifying.

In this class, Ellen and Deb will identify the types of dreams and provide techniques on how to use these challenging dreams to gain the needed information in a positive way.  Attendees are welcome to bring samples of their own types of challenging dreams to share.

LOCATION:  Serendipity Meadows,

2175 Angstadt Rd.

Quakertown, PA 18951

CONTACT: Deb Pietruszka  at 484-632-9300 to register.