As you may remember from reading my first blog, I am an avid lover of mysteries.  I can remember at the age of 12 voraciously reading each one of the Nancy Drew mysteries.  That carried me through to the age of 17 when I connected with the book, THE SLEEPING PROPHET written by Jess Stearn.

The book was about Edgar Cayce [1877 to 1945] who had refined the art of self hypnosis to the point of going into a trance.  While in this trance state, he tapped into an informational energy field in the ether known as the Akashic Records.  Exactly how this was done by him remains a mystery.  The information he received and spoke aloud was then transcribed by an assistant seated nearby.  He spoke of health cures, world events and predictions and past lives just to mention a few subjects.

I found myself at age 17, not only curious about both hypnotherapy, but also about the possibility of past lives.  I began to read books about both subjects and a whole new way of understanding Life opened up for me.  [Today, if you look at my shelves lined with books, you will notice from their titles, I continue to avidly read about these topics.]

Therefore, years later, I studied over 750 hours to become certified as a hypnotherapist.  Some of my favorite hypnotherapy clients are those who request past life regression.  As I accompanied my clients on these past life journeys, questions were asked and answered.  However, there remained many unanswered answers.  I felt there needed to be an additional avenue to provide answers to past lives, so I began to seek that.

Additional aspects of my training include being an energy healer and using quantum energy to delve deeper into energetic memories held in the Universal energy field.  I also learned to access the Akashic Records and thus receive messages and images from past lives.  Thus evolved my ability to provide Past Life Readings to my clients.

These readings are not only helpful in addressing a general curiosity that a client may have regarding what past lives he or she lived but also more specifics.  I am able to access the number of past lives on Earth, how many as a male or female, what time periods and what part of the world and much more.

For example, many of my clients who experience blockages in their lives in the areas of health, relationships, fears, phobias, and finances are unable to identify their origin in their current lifetime.  Through my Past Life Readings, I have been able to identify energetic patterns reoccurring from lifetime to lifetime.  This provides the client with more insight as to how they seem to be stuck.

One of my female clients asked why she always chose the “wrong” males for  a long term romantic relationship.  Upon accessing the Akashic Records, we discovered she had been terribly abused by men in romantic relationships and had developed a deep seated mistrust in herself to correctly choose a suitable mate.  When this was revealed to her, she vowed to be more mindful of her choices in men to date.  Happily, six months later, she reported being in a satisfactory, loving, and supportive relationship with a man.

For more information regarding how both Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy and Past Life Readings can be helpful to you moving forward in your life, contact me, Deborah Pietruszka through Facebook or through my website